Monday, September 24, 2007

What does Blackwater do?


What is Blackwater all about? Here's how the company describes itself:

Blackwater Worldwide is a great American company that provides innovative private sector solutions to US Government and non US Government clients. Founded in 1997, we were initially envisioned as a basic training facility to support the needs of local and regional law enforcement personnel. Today, Blackwater Worldwide is capable of providing much more. Its owner is Erik Prince, a former Navy SEAL. Since 1997 he has expanded his corporate vision, empowering a talented collection of seasoned professionals from a wide range of disciplines, directing them to develop cost efficient and operationally effective solutions for the US Government and other clientele. The company’s ability to deliver custom solutions is made possible through the integration of its four core competencies: Advanced Training, Logistics/Mobility, Technology/Innovation, and Human/Material resources.

Headquartered in Moyock , North Carolina , Blackwater Worldwide is situated on 7,000 acres. The largest private training center in the United States , our corporate facility is comprised of many unique training ranges, special tactical training areas, and other training support activity centers. We also have extensive technology design and manufacturing capabilities making our Moyock Headquarters a one of a kind center for problem solving excellence.

As one of the world’s most successful security services corporation, we are a leading provider of creative solutions for the United States government. We have designed and manufactured a myriad of innovative products; state of the art remotely piloted airships, IED safe armored personnel carriers, and effective training support systems to name a few. Blackwater Worldwide operates in nine countries delivering critical assistance to clients focused on post conflict and post disaster stabilization efforts.


Blackwater efficiently and effectively integrates a range of core competencies to provide unique and timely solutions that exceed our customers stated need and expectations.

Guided by integrity, innovation, and a desire for a safer world, Blackwater professionals leverage state-of-the-art training facilities, professional program management teams, and innovative manufacturing and production capabilities to deliver world class customer driven solutions.

Advanced Training

Safe, realistic, and challenging are the hallmarks of Blackwater Worldwide’s training facilities and training staff. Whether its small arms training, advanced counterterrorism training, language training or gaining cultural knowledge for a specific country, we serve to improve the mission capability and ultimate success of law enforcement organizations, military organizations, and other federal agencies.

Protective Operations – Blackwater Worldwide offers a range of protective security training courses designed to assist your organization with managing risk. In addition we can assist with developing effective security operations to improve your company’s safety and security environment.

Maritime Operations - USCG approved school for mariners, offering basic shipboard safety training (STCW 95) and tactical training courses for law enforcement and the military. Blackwater Worldwide can develop and teach courses of instruction in support of all facets of the maritime industry and ship operations, serving both domestic and foreign clients.

Law Enforcement Operations – Blackwater Worldwide’s extensive tactical firearms training facility is capable of providing a wide range of instruction and training for all types of law enforcement organizations. From basic firearms training to complex SWAT tactics or corps of instructors can meet all your training requirements.

Exercise Design & Support – Training is a key element for successful execution of any operation. With decades of operational expertise Blackwater Worldwide can design simple to complex real world training scenarios to provide realistic training and feedback. Our 7,000 acre facility and a complement of role players are available to assist with your training and evaluation.

Homeland Security Operations
– Man-made and natural disasters require an immediate robust response. Blackwater Worldwide’s extensive training facility and staff of former military and law enforcement professionals can provide the needed training and operational expertise to prepare security teams to effectively support state and federal emergency response units.

International Training Teams – Blackwater Worldwide has successfully provided assistance in training foreign military organizations in combating transnational terrorism, coastal/harbor patrol threat interdiction, interdicting terror activity, and interdicting weapons of mass destruction, in support of Department of Defense security initiatives, and other US Government agencies,

Language & Cultural Training - In partnership with LEIRA Beyond Words, Blackwater Worldwide can design tailor made language programs. The "Leira Method" developed by Christina Leira provides a unique language instruction environment, to impart a maximum amount of language skill and cultural knowledge in a short period of time. This accelerated learning method has proven highly effective for US Navy SEAL language students during the past 15 years at the Naval Special Warfare Command.


Blackwater Worldwide is optimized to deliver a full range of transportation and logistics solutions to include equipment, material, and personnel. With an extensive experience in both domestic and international air, ground, and sea operations, we can offer a variety of unique transportation services.

Aviation Mobility - From Africa to the Pacific Rim , Blackwater Worldwide moves equipment, material, and personnel utilizing our own fleet of special aviation platforms. We offer a tailor-made, competitive solution for any aviation requirement.

Ground Mobility - Supported by a staff of expert logisticians Blackwater Worldwide has the expertise and experience to leverage the ground transportation industry to move cargo. Our worldwide network provides for an efficient and dependable delivery system to get your cargo to its destination.

Maritime Mobility - Whether it’s the requirement for an offshore command & control platform or a requirement to move resources by sea, Blackwater Worldwide has the solution ideally suited to ensure maritime business continuity.

Supply Chain Management - Blackwater Worldwide achieves integration among its business partners to streamline the flow of information and products between us, our customers, and our suppliers. This type of extended enterprise removes the geographic restrictions and boundaries and creates a much more efficient, seamless path to delivering results.

Special Cargo Handling & Shipment Support – When you want to be confident in getting high value, time critical equipment shipped overseas Blackwater Worldwide can deliver. With a global presence and a well established network of logistic centers you can be assured that your cargo will arrive at its destination safely. We specialize in navigating through international and domestic guidelines, HAZMAT packaging and shipping, and special cargo handling movement.

Warehouse Storage & Distribution – Blackwater Worldwide has successfully established overseas warehouse and distribution centers to support operations in low stability/high threat environments. Our experience and ongoing operations make us an ideal choice in meeting the demands of critical delivery of goods and equipment to places of operation.

Construction Program Management – Blackwater Worldwide is prepared to meet your needs in building construction. Innovation and ingenuity are hallmarks of our construction company. Whether it’s a runway you need built or a 70,000 square foot manufacturing facility Blackwater Worldwide can produce quality results in record time.

Technology / Innovation

Blackwater Worldwide has built its reputation on providing time critical, cost effective, efficient solutions that meet or exceed the requirements of the customer. Through innovative thinking, ingenuity, and efficient use of resources we create solutions in a timely manner that get results.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Design & Mfg) – One example of Blackwater Worldwide’s design and manufacturing capability is the remotely piloted airship vehicle. It represents the company’s ability to offer a cost effective persistent surveillance solution to support operations along America ’s borders or to support troops operating in tough environments.

Armored Ground Transport (Design & Mfg) - Blackwater Worldwide manufactures reliable armored personnel carriers (APCs) designed to provide superior protection at a reasonable price. Our armored vehicles can be easily reconfigured to accommodate specific mission requirements. Variants can be used for urban patrolling, convoy protection, troop transportation, command and control, medical evacuation and reconnaissance.

Mission Support Equipment (Design & Mfg) - Mobile, lightweight, easily deployable antenna systems for omni-directional communications (1000 mile range) and mobile perimeter security systems are just two examples of Blackwater Worldwide’s design and manufacturing capability to create cost effective timely mission support solutions.

Maritime Platforms (Design & Mfg) - Blackwater Worldwide is able to provide operationally ready maritime assets which can fill a variety of roles including logistics and transportation, security, surveillance, fisheries enforcement, or perform as a command & control platform for operations and exercises. With a number of tactical maritime craft and shipping in our inventory we can provide the right platform to meet your needs.

Operational Test & Evaluation - With over 7,000 acres and the availability of expert operators from all facets of the military and private industry, Blackwater Worldwide has the facilities and expertise to test new concepts, evaluate new tactical support technology. We can provide insight that can help customers achieve operational success.

Armor/Weapons (Design & Mfg) - Blackwater Worldwide combines more than one hundred years of experience with sixty-two certifications to service numerous patented weapon systems. Our 7,000 acre complex is ideally suited for testing new weapons and armor designs in addition to leveraging on-site expertise to conduct critical design evaluations of new technology.

Research & Development – Blackwater Worldwide has the expertise, innovative spirit, and “can do” attitude to conduct timely research and development of new concepts or current designs to ensure cost effective and realistic solutions that meet the requirements of the customer.

Human & Material Resources

With a highly qualified team of experienced professionals and a thorough understanding how a scarcity of key resources can adversely affect the successful execution of an extended operation, Blackwater Worldwide is prepared to efficiently meet the human and material demands of our customers worldwide.

Recruit Highly Skilled Personnel – Blackwater Worldwide’s Operational Support Unit (OSU) is staffed with dedicated and expert recruiters focused on finding the right talent to meet the customer’s needs. Our proprietary software allows for the rapid search of over 30,000 personnel in a database designed to efficiently find professionals in all fields of expertise to support the spectrum of operations Blackwater Worldwide.

Evaluate & Screen Contract Support Personnel - With over ten years of experience deploying personnel, Blackwater Worldwide is effective in selecting the right professional for the job. Our psychological and physical screening process identifies strong candidates that meet the rigorous requirements outlined by the customer. It’s not enough to just pass the screening process - our extensive training facility is ideally suited to closely evaluate skill sets to ensure we select only the best professionals for the job.

Program Management – Operations, regardless of size and scope are managed and lead by a dedicated staff of professionals on site. They are supported at corporate headquarters by a team of personnel with operational expertise who provide daily oversight and monitor rotation of personnel to ensure 100% manning during the duration of the contract.

Material/Supply Management – Years of managing overseas operations in multiple locations has provided Blackwater Worldwide with extensive experience in creating efficient and cost effective material and supply management solutions to better serve the customer.

Procure Material Resources - Backed by a staff of expert procurement professionals Blackwater Worldwide is well equipped to research, locate, and competitively price material resources to support your needs regardless of the location of your operation.

Lease Material Resources
- Purchasing material resources may not always be the right solution to meet your demands. Blackwater Worldwide, when necessary, can support your operations with leasing options that reduce the cost of doing business in a competitive environment.

Special Purpose Canines – Blackwater Worldwide can provide top notch dogs for use in search for explosives and narcotics. The dogs and handlers are developed by trainers and master trainers; certified by the Virginia Police Work Dog Association or the North American Police Work Dog Association. Regardless of location we can readily support any scale of operation to meet the needs of your organization.